We really appreciate all of the support you have given us and for your help in the classroom.

We love that you are able to come into your child’s classroom to experience their day with them. It helps you be able to watch your children interact with other children, see the types of learning activities we are doing at school, and it lets you child know that you value school and learning.

These are just some guidelines for you:

1. While you are in the classroom your child will probably behave differently than if you are not there. This is totally normal. They tend to act better when you are not there!
2. Please come about 10-15 minutes early on your co-op day so that we can discuss the activities and objectives of the day. We can also go
over any problems that may come up.
3. Be proactive!!! Sometimes we are so busy teaching, we have a hard time telling you what needs to be done. We expect the children to view you as another teacher. Don’t be afraid to remind children who are around you of the rules. Also, don’t feel like you are stepping on our toes-we love any extra help!
4. If for some reason you are not able to co-op, you are responsible to find a replacement. You will be provided with a class phone number
list. If you are unable to find a replacement, you will be charged a $35 non co-op fee.
5. If it happens to be your co-op day and you are unable to come because of other sick children, please do not send your child to school to spread the germs.
6. Make sure that you are helping us reinforce our rules-walking feet, hands to ourselves, inside voices, etc. We have found that if one or
two children start to run, it turns into many more children running.
7. During whole group we especially need help with reminding children to sit on their mats, keep their hands to themselves, etc. It is hard for us to stop singing a song or reading a story and help one child because then the rest of the class becomes distracted. You are not being mean!
Just use positive statements like, “I need you to sit on your mat.” Don’t say, “Do you want to sit on your mat?” because their answer will be “No!” Sometimes they just need an adult to be in close proximity to them to remind them of the rules or a hand on their shoulder. Sit close behind the circle if you can.
8. We want you to make friends with the other parents but during circle time it is hard for the children (and the teacher) to focus when
conversations are going on behind us. Please keep your attention on the group and leave the conversation for another time.
9. Tables will need to be cleaned before and after snack. After the children have cleaned up from centers, the tables need to be wiped.
They also need to be wiped during second whole group before they come back to do small groups. There are rags in the cupboard or paper towels in the bathroom and cleaner on top of the closet. Also, many times the floor needs to be swept around the sensory bin. Don’t worry about sweeping it while they are playing because it will be a never-ending task, just when they are finished. There is a broom and dustpan in the closet. Whatever falls on the ground, you can put in the garbage-not back in the sensory bin.
10.During centers we need one adult stay at each center. Ask the children open-ended questions about what they are doing. For example, “Tell me about your picture.” Or “That is a great number five, do you know what number comes after five?” If you notice that your center is pretty much self-directed and another one is really busy and needs a lot of help, you can go to that center and help.
11. During centers we need the children’s names written on their pages. For the ones who are able to write their names, we have them practice.For the ones who are still working on that, you can write their names for them. You might say, “Would you like to write your name or would you like me to do it?”

Again, we really appreciate all of your help and support! Thanks for all your help in and out of our classroom!