Co-op Reminder

In case you missed our email…


Hi Parents,
We have really enjoyed getting to know each of you this year. We appreciate the time you give to our classroom and for your willingness to be a part of your child’s education.
With the new year, we just wanted to send out a reminder about co-op responsibilities and about what to do when you have a conflict. As a reminder, when you signed up to co-op, no only do you get to enjoy in class time with your child, but you also get a discounted tuition rate. The parent handbook that you each received, states that you are responsible for your co-op days. If you don’t show up or get someone to cover your day, there is a $35 “no show” fee.
We know sometimes it’s hard to find someone to fill your spot when an emergency arises.  We have found that the sooner you can look for a replacement, the better luck you will have. (For instance, if your child is showing signs of sickness the day before your co-op, it might be best to look for a potential sub that day instead of waiting to see how he or she is in the morning.) If you can’t find another mom to take your co-op, you might want to ask a family member, neighbor, friend, or some other trusted adult.
The structure of our classes are dependent upon our co-ops. If someone needs help and you can help, please do!! It really helps us (and the other co-op parent) to have both people here, which in turn creates a better experience for your children. We want to create the best experience possible, and we need your help to accomplish that goal!
If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us.
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It’s time to think about 2017-18 school year

Can you believe it’s time to start thinking about next school year? We will begin registration for our 2017-18 school year on February 1. Currently enrolled students will begin registration on Jan 23. Download the registration form from our website today or the online form. *NOTE: Online registration forms will not be considered complete until the $50 registration form has been received. If you are concerned about whether there is room in a class or not, let us know via text (801)694-9213, email ( or give us a call!